Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guy's Night Ideas

We've taken a look at some ideas for date night with your lady, but what about your time with the fellas? Those times can be equally important and are a healthy part of every man's life.

Here's the intent of the list: to get you engaged in an activity that teaches you something new or hones a skill and can be enjoyed by the other guys in your group. Learning from one another and enjoying each other's company are the tenets that make a solid foundation for quality time with your buddies- and there's certainly should be room for goofing off too. These are all things that can be done in a day, afternoon, or evening- I'll have an upcoming article on mancations, for longer periods of time. So whether it's your intent to sweat, bleed and be covered in dirt or chill out on the couch, you should find something in this list for your next men's outing. Add your comments to help improve the list- all ideas are welcome.

  • Hiking- a great antidote for the cubicle you normally live in.
  • Shooting Range- is it possible to be unhappy while shooting guns? 
  • Mountain Biking- when this term is loosely applied it can be done all over the country.
  • Home Improvement Projects- from bathrooms to pergolas busting out the tools can be a great, productive time.
  • Paintball- it can be a complicated excursion like this one, or meet your friends at the local paintball arena for some afternoon stress relief.
  • Boxing- women will never understand it, but yes we're still friends after we beat the tar out of each other.
  • Rock Climbing- depending on your group's skill level train indoors or hit the real deal.
  • Varmint Hunting- nothing wrong about eight armed men in the back of a pick up truck tracking down a coon like a bunch of Libyan rebels.
  • Vehicle Maintenance- one or two of you can work on the engine while the rest stand around and critique your work.
  • Golf/Driving Range- in my opinion, this is best when not taken seriously.
  • Sailing- my watercraft of choice, but kayaks to speed boats getting out on the water is awesome. The disciples did it...
  • Join a rec league- whether you do softball or flag football, sign up together and enjoy a sport

  • Fishing- In the words of Ron Swanson, "Fish for sport only, not for meat. Fish meat is practically a vegetable." Couldn't agree more, Ron...
  • Gun Show- Best when at least one of you is willing to spend money, but always a good choice.
  • Pro/Semi-Pro/College Sporting Events- Get out of the living room and go to a game. Support your local high school teams too!
  • Poker- nobody should leave the evening broke, but this is a great environment to hang out and discuss life.
  • Video Game Tournament- just because college is over doesn't mean you always have to act responsibly...
  • Adult-centric Arcades- The fun you had as a kid, without the pesky kids.
  • Assemble care packages for your deployed buddies- enough said.
  • Shuffle board- or any outdoor games. Fire up the grill and enjoy the evening air.
  • Air Show- because nothing is as manly as the roar of an afterburner.
  • Find a cool barber shop

  • Brew your own beer- kits are relatively inexpensive and it'd be fun to do it as a group.
  • Brewery Tours- support local business.
  • Wings- shameless plug for Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Backyard BBQ- for thousands of years men have gathered around fire and meat. There's a reason for this.
So get out there and enjoy some time with your guys. Make a habit of it- especially for those of you who are married and have kids. It's an important part of life to develop male friendships. Drop me a note if you feel like I've left off a good idea! 

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