Hundreds of thousands of blogs circulate on the internet- why make another one? The reason isn’t necessarily profound; it’s because none of them were what I really was looking for. Sure, I love reading articles posted on sites like Art of Manliness, Popular Mechanics, ITS Tactical, or various DIY blogs, but the mix of style and content left something to be desired. So I asked myself: What gets me fired up? What would I want to spend my time reading?

A good day for me is one in which I get to spend my lunch hour with a friend. The pleasantries are quickly glossed over and deep discussions ensue about the things that actually matter in life. Things like becoming a better man, dreams, how the Lord is pursuing us, how we’re pursuing our wives, new skills or hobbies were engaged in- ultimately: How are we doing at being the men that God uniquely designed us to be? (A great day is filled with the same things but usually begins around a fire as breakfast cooks and lasts until the embers of the fire are tapering off.)

Our plan is this: to create a quality collection of resources that inspire you live out your calling as a follower of Christ. Everything from intellectual inspiration to how-to’s and movie reviews. Interesting. Relevant. Challenging. And just like lunch- no one likes a one sided conversation, so we encourage our readers to dialogue with us. Give us your thoughts on the articles or tip us off to topics that would be meaningful to you.

Manliness for the sake of manliness is a meaningless pursuit. Worshipping the Lord by living to the full extent of who he created us to be is another thing entirely. We hope you find inspiration for the latter here.

"Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses." -1 Timothy 6:12, ESV

Keep the faith.

KTF out.

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