Romeo Tango Sierra [Ruedi Schubarth]

Ruedi was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO, as the oldest of six. With parents that shared an affinity for the outdoors, he is named after a prominent ice climber. Childhood included lots of camping, rock climbing, and generally having a good time in the mountains. Growing up listening to airplanes fly overheard on a clear sunny day, he left Colorado to attend LeTourneau University and pursue a career in aviation. He worked with Tim and others to start a men's ministry and encourage college guys to make the move from boys to men. Graduating with pilot's license in hand, his new career led them to Baltimore, MD, where he works with unmanned aircraft. He enjoys long walks in the woods with said girl, mountain biking, rock climbing, and is attempting to home-brew the best beer he has ever tasted.

Tango Alpha Sierra [Tim Storm]

The oldest of four and a product of the 80's, Tim was born in Columbia, MD. The growing up years were spent in the northern Chicago suburbs where he literally grew up- to be 6'8", effectively ruining his chances at being a clandestine operator, although he still thinks he'd be good at spy trade craft. He graduated from LeTourneau University with a degree in Mechanical-Aeronautical Engineering Technology. This is where he first linked up with Ruedi to start a men's ministry on campus. Also while attending school, he met his wife, Angela, and they were married in 2010. Tim and Angela live in the suburbs of Fort Worth, Texas where he works as an engineer for an aerospace company. When not drawing 3D models and running Excel, he works toward the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Texas Army National Guard. At present time, no small children bearing the resemblance of Tim exist and he says their golden retriever, Rio, does the job for now.

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