Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Operation: Blue Wolf

It's that time of the year when we start looking out the windows waiting for spring to get here. Well quit sitting around and start plotting. I've got an idea that you and your buddies will be talking about for years to come, and if you start planning now you'll have enough time to pull it off this spring or summer. I'm talking about an extreme game of capture the flag that will be the gold standard by which all your subsequent guy outings will compare to.

Here's what you'll need:

  • ~20 guys. You can obviously play capture the flag with less, but for the scale this is on, you'll need at least that many without having to cut a few objectives. This includes 2 neutral observers to run the POW camp, keep score, and act as arbitrators. This could be a neat way to get to know some younger guys in your church that you could mentor. Guys from ages 13 and up would have a blast on a weekend like this.
  • Land- Goes without saying, you'll need space to do this. The more the better.
  • Paintball gear- I tried to think of ways to do this that didn't require them but after much pondering I came to the conclusion that this is a man site. Marshmallows and sling shots just aren't the same. That being said, you can get a decent bare bones kit (gun, mask, CO2 tank) for around $75 new, an el cheapo pump gun for $20, or check eBay for used equipment, they've always got people selling their gear. In practice, the pump guns ended up working really well, around hours 6-8 of the game the O-rings in the gun would pop out and they would leak, but other than that they worked great. We used approximately 5500 paintballs and 150 12g CO2 cartridges for 20 guys.
  • 3 Smoke Grenades
  • Junk to make 2 anti aircraft guns (5 ft. section of PVC with a 2x4 A-frame, qty. 2), casualty collection points (survey flags) and patrol bases (wooden pallets for cover and survey flags for the perimeter-different color than those used for the CCP). Plenty of creative license here, it doesn't have to be complex or expensive.
  • Overnight gear- everyone should bring their own.
  • Food- we got MRE's and they were a big hit.
  • Safety Related Equipment- 1st aid bags, plenty of water, sunscreen, etc... 
On the brink of war, US Army Rangers (AR) infiltrate North Korea (NK) to secure sensitive locations prior to the main invasion. In order for the United States to have a successful landing, it is the responsibility of the AR and other special operations forces to create as much havoc as possible on NK soil. AR will be acting as one of many Joint Special Operations Command units tasked with completing objectives such as infrastructure disruption, high value target elimination, taking away nuclear launch capabilities, and destroying anti-aircraft installations.

1200-2000: Send and advance team to set up the field. There should be three casualty collection points, three patrol bases, two AA gun positions, a road connecting two of the patrol bases and a main NK base and a main AR base for the tents.

2000-2200: Set up camps at both ends of the playing field and conducted training with the military veterans leading on squad movements and reacting to enemy contact. Come up with unit standard operating procedures like radio frequencies, challenge and password (i.e. Thunder/Flash), and discuss tactics for the game.

Mission 1: Recon/Patrol

0630-0830: AR must send out sniper/spotter teams to map, photograph, and report on enemy locations.
To avoid detection, teams should be in their overwatch positions before first light. AR rules of
engagement (ROE): return fire only. NK soldiers must conduct mounted and dismounted patrols to disrupt the intel gathering process. NK ROE: fire at will. Rather than following typical kill procedures, these soldiers are "taken alive" when shot and must spend the duration of the mission in a casualty collection point where all intel gathered is to be handed over. NK 25 pts for each Ranger captured. AR 25 points for each Ranger who avoids capture the entire mission  Once intel is successfully returned, Platoon Leaders will come up with attack strategy. NK respawn is not allowed for this mission.

Mission 2: Ambush/Cargo Transport
0900-0930: A dismounted patrol is moving nuclear material from the weapons cache to the launch site. AR receive intel on the intended route for the NK and must set up an ambush along the main supply route. The team that makes it back to their base with the warhead wins 100 points. Convoy must remain on the main supply route until attacked.

Mission 3: Destroy/Defend AA Sites

1000-1100: Anti-aircraft installations have prevented air dominance for the AR. They must find two installations within their area of operation and destroy them by planting C4 (smoke grenades) on the target. The explosive cannot be thrown into the objective. 50 points per AA weapon destroyed/defended at the end of the time limit.

Mission 4: Rescue/Capture Downed US Pilot1130-1200: An A-10 pilot was shot down by a shoulder fired missile while on a close air support mission. He is badly wounded and cannot exfil to cover. Smoke can be seen from the crash site. Race to recover the downed pilot. He will be on emergency radio frequency 11 which can be heard by all sides. Pilot is armed with 15 rounds for self defense. 100 points for AR recovery. 100 points for SOF recovery, 50 points for SOF kill.

Mission 5: Patrol Base Domination1230-1330: In order for US troops to make a successful land invasion from the south, enemy patrol bases must be taken and held by AR. Three of such bases exist in AR area of operation. Bases are considered dominated by whomever’s flag is planted at the center of the patrol base. 100 points for each base secured at the end of the round.

If a paintball hits the body (regardless if it breaks or not) the soldier is considered KIA. Killed soldiers may return to their units after they go to a casualty collection point. CCP's are neutral ground and can be used by either side. One or more CCP's may be called off limits for specific missions depending on the layout of the map (i.e. the CCP is right next to a mission objective).

Each soldier is authorized to carry a combat load equivalent to six 30-round magazines (180 rounds) at the start of the scenario. AR and NK can call in one resupply mission for an additional crate of ammo to be resupplied among their side.

Additional Rules
Teams should be equalized in regards to full auto, semi auto, and pump markers.
No weapon discharging before sunrise. Protective gear must be worn all other times.
No soldier may have more than 30 rounds at a time in their weapon.
Vehicles may not be fired from or upon.

Mission 6: War Stories
1330-UTC: Tally up the points and declare a winner. dinner, break down camp and go home. If local laws permit, bring real guns and shoot together before going home.

There you have it. A spark of an idea that turns out to be one awesome weekend.

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