Monday, February 20, 2012

The Bible in a Year

Recently, our Sunday School class read through David Platt's book, Radical:Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream. The book ends with a one-year challenge: to pray for the world, to give sacrificially, to read through the Bible, to spend time developing community, and to spend 2% of your year (1 week) in a "missions" type setting. I'll devote more time this year to articles about some of the other parts of the challenge, but I thought I'd pass along this neat tool that I'm using to read through the Scriptures this year.

It's called YouVersion, and apparently I'm not the first one to download the app onto my phone, some 10,000,000+ others had already figured this out.

It allows you to pick through several reading plans that vary in length from 90-365 days, you can choose which version to read, and you can pick plans that will take you through the whole Bible or just devotional topics. Then you can read the passages on the internet, smartphone, email, or in your trusty go to Bible at home. Calendars help you keep track of the reading and progress bars show you how much of the plan you've completed.


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