Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project Inspiration

Preview of the KTF Workbench Project
Recently I've been on a kick to build something. Anything. (Hence all the posts like this and this, and some of the ones that are in the works like how to build a workbench, and plans for a sweet man cave...) So before we go back to our regularly scheduled programming, I thought I'd share a neat tool I've found to help get all those mental masterpieces into a more tangible format.

I guess I should use tangible loosely. The product is called Google Sketchup. It is a 3D modeling design studio. It's free, and it's a great design software- again I say that somewhat loosely. I use design software on a daily basis that costs thousands per license when I'm at work- and that's great software, but for a free, easy to use program you can't beat Sketchup. Friends of mine that haven't had exposure to to 3D modeling before have been able to pick up on it quickly- it takes some getting used to but once you understand the basics it is smooth sailing. Simple enough to be mastered by anyone yet robust enough to be taken seriously by architects.

I've seen it used to rearrange entire factories to help improve product flow, design houses, rearrange a dorm room, and model woodworking projects. It's not for 3D animation or complex 3D surfaces- at least not yet.

Just thought I'd pass it along to any of you who need some inspiration to get your project rolling. Creativity is one of the coolest attributes of God that he's allowed us to reflect. And while we may never be able to come close to creating the majesty of a Caribbean reef or a Kansas thunderstorm I have found myself in awe of man-made creation- like the roar of a P-51 overhead or the elegance of Windsor Castle. So whatever you find yourself designing or fabricating remember that you were created with the unique ability to be creative.

Let us know if you make anything with it!

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